Product Highlights

Nana’s Wonderland Marine Collagen Peptide is the most exquisite gift we could give to our body. We promise only the purest and the best for our consumers, because you deserve the best!

Nana's Wonderland Marine Collagen Peptide's 3 carefully selected main ingredients include 100% pure collagen from the deep sea Alaska cod, rooster comb extract and rice germ extract. From the processing of natural ingredients to powder, Nana's Wonderland Marine Collagen Peptide is 100% made in Japan and it certified safe. This high quality collagen peptide is specially made for anti-aging and moisturizing of the skin.

Our key differences from other brands :

Criteria Nana's Wonderland Marine Collagen Other Brands
Molecular Weight 3000 Daltons Not specified, normally more than 5000 Dalton
Water-Solubility No dextrin but dissolves completely in water Added dextrin, oil and emulsifier to increase water-solubility
Taste No additives, no smell, natural smooth taste Added fragrances to cover fish smell
Color Powder is snowy white and smooth, when dissolved in to water, water shows nearly transparent colour Powder is not smooth and a layer of white particles appear on the top of the water, water becomes yellowish in colour

Kindly go through the slides below for more details :